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Hey everyone! Going LIVE Monday 6pm  on Facebook and Tiktok  to spill all the tea on my upcoming film projects in Texas, New York, Miami, California and Mexico, schedule updates, and even some insights into my book publishing journey! It's going to be a Q&A extravaganza, so come armed with your burning questions! Whether you're curious about my creative process, itching for behind-the-scenes tidbits, or just want to hang out, this is your chance! Save the date and join me for an interactive session filled with fun and inspiration! Can't wait to connect with all of you!




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Roger Dean Fischer's new book is set to release soon this month. Stay tuned for an exciting read from this talented author.

EMBRACING SECOND CHANCES offers a beacon of hope for those  navigating the tumultuous aftermath of betrayal. Roger Dean Fischer delves deep into the complexities of forgiveness, resilience, and the transformative power of love. Through poignant storytelling and practical insights, this book guides readers on a journey towards healing and renewal.  Discover  strategies for rebuilding trust,  fostering open communication,  and embracing the possibility of a stronger, more resilient relationship.  With compassion and  understanding, Fischer illuminates the path towards redemption, proving that second chances are not only possible but can lead to profound growth and connection.

50 Golden Record Music Producer Tony Bongiovi,founder of the Jon Bon Jovi band signed the Cartel Heat Car

Roger Dean Fischer Film Producer and Author showing off the six million dollars of Cocaine
Music Producer Tony Bongiovi of the Jon Bon Jovi Band founder of Power Station Studio gets a Cartel Heat Book

50 Golden Record Music Producer Tony Bongiovi,founder of the Jon Bon Jovi band(Tony changed John's real last name to Bon Jovi) & the famous Power Station Studio. Tony has helped my career in music and film for years.

Barns & Noble Book Signing
@Plaza Venezia  Orlando,Florida

Roger Dean Fischer at the Cartel Heat Book release party in Aventura Florida
Roger Dean Fischer signing his Cartel Heat Car for the book tour in USA

In this interview, we delve into the inspiration behind "Cartel Heat," the challenges of portraying the complexities of such a volatile setting, and perhaps even some behind-the-scenes anecdotes from the writing process. Get ready to uncover the secrets of the pages and the mind behind this gripping novel!

Welcome to an exclusive interview conducted by Mob Tales, hosted by veteran journalist Nick Christophers. In this special feature, we plunge into the depths of the Mafia Ties and FBI lies and Roger Dean Fischer's new book 'Cartel Heat-Deadly Business'

El Chapo Cousin
Laser Mafia founder and model/actor James Anthony Davis

Fan Pictures

Stop the Cartel Heat car and take a picture and sign it for our social media and yours. The car will be live social media soon traveling around the USA for the book tour of Cartel Heat Novel. When you put it on your social media, tag Roger Fischer's Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok or send to to have put on fan page
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Actress Hallie Ruth Jacobs

George Bajger

Auther of Mad Lyfe of an NBA Wife Sherri Patterson

Ron Lloyd professional Rock Guitarist from Chicago
Author Roger Dean Fischer at Barns and Noble book signing Palm Beach Gardens, Florida